Expo Support

Expo Support for Huddle01 React SDK

If you are building a React Native mobile app using Expo, there are a few additional steps you need to follow to correctly install and use the Huddle01 React SDK.


Firstly, you will need to install the Huddle01 React package and the react-native-webrtc package which is used for real-time communication. This step is the same as for a regular React Native app.

expo install @huddle01/react react-native-webrtc react-native-get-random-values

The additional package required is the react-native-webrtc config plugin. This plugin is necessary for your Expo project to use the react-native-webrtc package.

expo install  @config-plugins/react-native-webrtc

These commands will add the required packages to your project.


After you have installed the necessary packages, you need to add the react-native-webrtc config plugin to your Expo configuration. This can be done by adding the plugin to the plugins array in your app.json or app.config.js file.

For instance, your app.json file should look like this:

  "expo": {
    "plugins": ["@config-plugins/react-native-webrtc"]

Enabling Development Builds

Finally, this package cannot be used in the Expo Go app because it requires custom native code. So you will have to rebuild your app by enabling development builds as described in Expo's Adding custom native code (opens in a new tab) guide.

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