Meeting List API


The Meeting List API is a useful tool for retrieving all the meetings held in a room. A same room can we used again to differentiate between each room sessions we call each session on a room a meeting, so this API will return all the meetings held in a given room.


Meeting List API

The API supports a GET request with the following required parameters:

  • roomId - The RoomId of the room, for which you need to get the meeting list.
  • cursor - The cursor to fetch the next set of meetings.
  • limit - Max number of entries to be returned in the response.

You can change next round of cursor based on the limit passed, e.g if you have done 10 meetings for a roomId, and cursor is 2 and limit is 3, then you will get all the meetings skipped 2 * 3 entries.

GET • /rooms/meetings?roomId={roomId}
const response = await axios.get(
    headers: {
      'Content-Type': 'application/json',
      'x-api-key': {{API_KEY}},

Upon success, the API will return a response with the following fields:

  • meetingId - The meeting ID of the meeting held in given room.
  • startTime - The start time of the meeting.
  • endTime - The end time of the meeting.

In case of an error, the API will return an error message with a corresponding status code.

      "meetings": [
          "meetingId": "03dec8c8-ad63-4f3a-9615-0a2b0049790d",
          "startTime": 1708004287797,
          "endTime": 1936414284269


ParamsDefinitionData TypeMandatory
roomIdThe RoomId of the room, for which you need to get the meeting lists.stringY


FieldsDefinitionData TypeMandatory
meetingIdThe MeetingId of the meeting in the room.stringY
startTimeThe start time of the meeting.string (ISO 8601)Y
endTimeThe expiry time of the meeting.string (ISO 8601)Y
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