Migrating to v2 (2.x.x)

Huddle01 SDK migration guide.

Huddle01's latest stable version i.e. 2.x.x is bringing notable advancements to the protocol, including latency, scalability, network-performance,deployments & less re-rendering. To read more about the differences, please go through the following sections.


This section provides a brief overview of concepts which have changed between old and new SDK.


This section provides a step-by-step guide on transitioning your current JavaScript, React, and React-Native SDK from v1 version 0.x.x to the updated v2 2.x.x version.

Recording and Livestreaming

This section provides an overview of Recording and Livestreaming using ServerSDK that allows this feature on all platforms including mobile.


This section offers an overview of the newly introduced hooks in the 2.x.x version of the SDK, in comparison to the v1 0.x.x version of the SDK.


This section includes frequently asked questions that may arise during the development of projects using the new SDKs.

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