Core Concepts and Glossary


The core principles around the architecture of Huddle01’s React SDK are what make using it a breeze. Below are some concepts and glossary that you should be familiar with before using the SDK.


A room is a virtual entity inside where you can have Huddle01 meeting sessions. It contains all the participants and their media streams. Each room is identified by a unique roomID that is generated when you create a room. A room does not expire and you can have multiple meeting sessions inside the same room for as long as you want, one meeting session at a time.


A peer is a participant inside a room. It is an object containing all the media streams of a participant. Each peer is represented by a unique peerId. Every peer is associated with a room.


The MediaStream interface represents a stream of media content. A stream can consist of several tracks, which can be either audio or video. MediaStreams are associated with their respective peer.


The MediaStreamTrack interface represents a single media track within a MediaStream. It can be either an audio or a video track.


Once you join a room, all operations related to your own Peer object insde a room are represented by the keyword local.

Your Peer ObjectlocalPeer
Your Audio StreamlocalAudio
Your Video StreamlocalVideo


All other peers in the same room as you are represented by the keyword remote. Performing any operations related to a remote peer would require you to pass in the peerId of the remote peer.

Another Peer ObjectremotePeer
Another Peer's Audio StreamremoteAudio
Another Peer's Video StreamremoteVideo

Data Message

Besides MediaStreams, peers in the room can also send messages to one other in the form of text strings not exceeding 280 characters in length. These messages are called data messages.


Metadata is a generic object that can be attached to both Peers and the Room itself. It can be used to store any additional information that you want to associate with a Peer or a Room. The SDKs expose methods to get and set these metadata.

Room States

At any given point, a Room can be in any one of these 6 states.

idleRoom is created and ready to be joined
connectingYou are trying to join the room
connectedYou have joined the room
failedYou have failed to join the room
leftYou have left the room
closedThe room has been closed
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