Migration FAQs

1. Why did Huddle01 migrate to the latest version?

The previous version of the SDK was launched in 2023. Following a redesign aimed at enhancing infrastructure performance, latency, network-performance, deployments, less re-rendering & scalability, we launched the latest version of the Huddle01 SDKs. This new version of the Huddle01 infrastructure offers improvements including Network Performance, Scale, Latency and an end user experience that is faster, reliable, and more seamless.

We made the decision to migrate as the prev version was not horizontally-scalable and unreliable to maintain - issues that are resolved by this version. Moreover, our intention is to one day create a decentralized real-time communication network anchored in the Huddle01 stable infrastructure. However, we cannot achieve this mission if the majority of traffic still resides on the previous versions of the Huddle01 SDK.

We are now carrying out this migration as the latest version is not backward compatible with the previous one. It is therefore necessary to migrate projects and dapps to the latest stable version in a coordinated manner before shutdown, to ensure that there is a seamless transition and minimize any potential for disruption for end users

2. What are the notable improvements in the new version as compared to the previous one?

The new version of the SDK solves latency, scalability, network-performance,deployments & less re-rendering. To read more about the differences, click here.

Developers getting started with “The new version of the SDK” will also need a project ID. This project ID provides access to our infrastructure and enables enhanced insights for those that have implemented Huddle01 SDKs. You can easily obtain one by signing your account.

3. I’m working with the new version of the SDK integration but experiencing some technical issues. How can I get in touch with Huddle01?

If you're experiencing technical issues, please open a discussion in our designated support channel (opens in a new tab).

4. How long do I have to migrate to the latest version?

The good news is that you have until end of April 2024 to migrate to the latest version of the SDK. However, we strongly recommend that you begin your migration immediately, and you can do so by following the instructions laid out in the migration section of our docs.
Feel free to reach out to the team on on our discord (opens in a new tab) if you need assistance while migrating to LTS.

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