CLI Tool

Quick Start

Using our CLI tool, you can quickly clone example apps for Next.js, React and Vanilla JS. You can also get example app for iFrame.


Run the following command in your terminal.

npx create-huddle01

Give a name to your project.

You can give any name for your project. This will be the name of the folder where the example app will be cloned.

Pick an SDK

Choose the SDK you want to use, it can be Client SDK or iFrame.

Pick a platform


Pick a platform is only for Client SDK and not for iFrame.

Choose the platform you want to use, it can be Web or Mobile.

Pick a framework

If you have selected Web in earlier step you can choose between Vanilla, Next.js, and Vite JS. If you have selected Mobile in earlier step you can choose between React-Native and Flutter.

Choose project type


You don't have this option if you have selected Flutter in earlier step

You have an option to choose between Javascript and Typescript.

We always recommend to select Typescript over Javascript.

Install Dependencies

Run following command to install dependencies:


We prefer bun over pnpm, yarn or npm.

npm install

Create a .env.local file

Create a new .env.local file in the root of your project and copy the contents of .env.example. Now you need to add API Key and Project ID in your .env.local, which you can get from API Keys Page.

Run the project

You can run the project by running following command:

npm run dev

Congratulations, you did it 🥳

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