Recording / Livestreaming

In the Legacy SDK, Recording and Livestreaming were handled by the useRecording hook which could be found in the React SDK. In the new SDK, this is handled by the ServerSDK.
Moving the Recording and Livestreaming features to the ServerSDK now allows this feature on all platforms including mobile.

For details on the implementation, you can head over to the Server SDK documentation.

import { Recorder } from '@huddle01/server-sdk/recorder';
import { AccessToken, Auth } from '@huddle01/server-sdk/auth';
const recorder = new Recorder("PROJECT_ID", "API_KEY");
const generateToken = async (roomId: string) => {
const token = new AccessToken({
    apiKey: process.env.API_KEY!,
    roomId: roomId as string,
    role: Role.BOT,
    permissions: {
    admin: true,
    canConsume: true,
    canProduce: true,
    canProduceSources: {
        cam: true,
        mic: true,
        screen: true,
    canRecvData: true,
    canSendData: true,
    canUpdateMetadata: true,
const accessToken = await token.toJwt();
return accessToken;
const token = await generateToken("YOUR_ROOM_ID");
// Start Livestreaming
    roomId: 'YOUR_ROOM_ID',
rtmpUrls: [`${"<STREAM_URL>"}/${"<STREAM_KEY>"}`] //passing the RTMP URL
// Stop Livestreaming
    roomId: 'YOUR_ROOM_ID',
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