How the concepts have changed

Comparison b/w LTS & Legacy SDK Concepts:

  1. Room - A space where you can conduct meeting sessions containing all participants and their media streams.

  2. Lobby

    • Legacy: A pre-room staging area for enabling or disabling media streams before joining a room.
    • New: Deprecated in the new SDK. (Note: You can use APIs now to fetch room user data)
  3. Peer - A participant inside a room with media streams, represented by a unique peerId.

  4. MediaStream - Represents a stream of media content associated with a peer.

  5. MediaStreamTrack - Represents a single media track within a MediaStream.

  6. Produce - Sharing a participant’s media stream with other peers in a room.

  7. Consume - Receiving a peer’s shared media stream inside a room.

  8. App States

    • Legacy: Four major states - Idle, Initialized, Lobby, Room - with associated methods.
    • New: Four major updated room states - idle, connecting, connected, failed, left, closed

New SDK Concepts:

  1. Room

    • Description: A room is a virtual entity inside which you can have Huddle01 meeting sessions. It contains all the participants and their media streams. Each room is identified by a unique roomID that is generated when you create a room. A room does not expire and you can have multiple meeting sessions inside the same room for as long as you want, one meeting session at a time.
  2. Room States

    • States: idle, connecting, connected, failed, left, closed - Representing different states of a room.
  3. Local

    • Description: Operations related to your own Peer object inside a room, represented by the keyword local.
    • Variables: localPeer, localAudio, localVideo
  4. Remote

    • Description: Operations related to other peers in the same room, represented by the keyword remote.
    • Variables: remotePeer, remoteAudio, remoteVideo
  5. Data Message

    • Description: Messages sent between peers in the form of text strings not exceeding 280 characters.
  6. Metadata

    • Description: A generic object that can be attached to Peers and the Room for storing additional information.

States in Legacy SDK (Deprecated):

  1. Idle/Initialized

    • Methods Available: initialize(projectId: string) - useHuddle01()
  2. Lobby

    • Methods Available: fetchVideoStream(), fetchAudioStream(), joinRoom(), leaveLobby(), stopVideoStream(), stopAudioStream() - Corresponding useVideo(), useAudio(), useRoom() hooks.
  3. Room

    • Methods Available: produceVideo(), produceAudio(), stopProducingVideo(), stopProducingAudio(), leaveRoom() - Corresponding useVideo(), useAudio(), useRoom() hooks.

Please ensure to refer to the new SDK documentation for detailed information on each concept and its usage.

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