Server SDK

The Server SDK helps you to perform server-side operation such as generating Access Token, calling APIs such as Create Room, Live Meetings, etc, starting and stopping recording and livestream, and send messages from server-side.


npm install @huddle01/server-sdk@latest

Generating Access Token

Access Token is required to join a room. You can generate access token using the following code.


Use Server SDK on server side only, don't use it on client side.

const accessToken = new AccessToken({
  apiKey: "YOUR_API_KEY",
  roomId: "YOUR_ROOM_ID",
  //available roles: Role.HOST, Role.CO_HOST, Role.SPEAKER, Role.LISTENER, Role.GUEST - depending on the privileges you want to give to the user
  role: Role.HOST,
  //custom permissions give you more flexibility in terms of the user privileges than a pre-defined role
  permissions: {
    admin: true,
    canConsume: true,
    canProduce: true,
    canProduceSources: {
      cam: true,
      mic: true,
      screen: true,
    canRecvData: true,
    canSendData: true,
    canUpdateMetadata: true,
  options: {
    metadata: {
      // you can add any custom attributes here which you want to associate with the user
      walletAddress: "mizanxali.eth",
const token = accessToken.toJwt();
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